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Thu, Aug 02, 2012
The New Paper
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Extreme 'makeovers' still niche
by Maureen Koh

Tattoos and piercings have existed since ancient times. Many people have some form of body alteration, with ear-piercings and tattoos being most popular.

These, sometimes misguided, statements of individuality don't warrant a second glance in most cases.

Some take it further like Lady Gaga associate Ricky Genest - aka Zombie Boy - whois covered from head to toe in tattoos that give him that skeleton look.

Enthusiasts of body modification go to the extreme. For them, it's beautiful. Others may disagree.

Another extreme body modification is the stretching of the ear lobe. Done slowly by introducing gradually bigger earrings over time, the hole created can be stretched to the point that a finger can easily fit through it.

And there are procedures that many would baulk at undergoing, such as implants.

Made of surgical steel, objects shaped like orbs and skulls are forced under the skin, creating a a bulge on the surface. Forearms are a popular spot for this procedure, but some go for the head.

Getting a tattoo can be painful, but scarification is extreme. This entails either burning or cutting designs deep into the skin to create a permanent scar.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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