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Sun, Jul 01, 2012
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More couples finding creative ways to say 'I do'

They are sporty and love to kayak, hike and rock climb.

They are also each other's bedrock of support. When teacher Edwina Yak, 28, and furnishing specialist Yak Junjie, 30, decided to get married, they wanted to honour their love for sports in their wedding journey.

The couple had met through a mutual friend at a rock climbing meet in 2005.

Mr Yak even proposed when the couple were on a hike in Hong Kong in June 2010.

So for their wedding photoshoot in January, they got into a two-line harness and suspended themselves four storeys high.

Said Mrs Yak : "We love the outdoors. We're always doing something sporty. So we thought that was appropriate."

The photoshoot at Dairy Farm began at 6am for her. "I had to get my make-up done at home before I met up with JJ (Mr Yak) and our friends who were helping us with the shoot," she said.

"My friends Dawn, Song Wei and KK were helping us in the morning. They started to set up the ropes while our photographer John Lin's assistant helped me get into my gown.

"After the first round of pictures, I changed into my second gown, which was a toga-style dress with an empire cut.

"There was a slit done at an area above the waist to allow the rope to pass through so that I could hide my harness."

Funny Moments

The shoot lasted four hours, but it wasn't without its funny moments.

Recalled Mrs Yak: "At one point, John's flash trigger device dropped onto a pile of rock and leaves when JJ and I were already climbing up the wall.

"So while JJ and I were suspended on the two-line harness, baking under the sun, all of the guys were looking for the device.

"Thankfully, they found it after 10 minutes."

All in all, they were on the wall for about an hour.

Said Mrs Yak: "JJ had to climb in his tuxedo.

"But I used an ascending device to move up, as the wall was at a technical level that was too difficult for me.

"Besides, I was in a long dress, which made it more cumbersome to climb."

She added: "JJ had to flip over about five times. We also had to swing towards each other and try to meet with a kiss before we got the perfect shot.

"It was hard work. It was also very hot so we were sweating through our outfits."

Said Mr Lin, 35, who owns John15 Photography: "She (Mrs Yak) wanted to recreate the scene of Spiderman's romantic upside-down kiss with Mary Jane."

Talking about the challenging shoot, he said: "It was close to noon and the intense sunlight which came in and out of the clouds made (sunlight) exposure very unpredictable.

"The usage of a high powered studio light on location added to the technical complexity."

On Mr Lin's photography skills, Mrs Yak said: "We chose to work with John because we saw his portfolio and fell in love with his work instantly.The photos were exotic and personal - they showed the personalities of couples.

"We knew he would be capable enough to meet our targets. He was willing to go with our crazy ideas like doing photoshoots on the rock and on dragon boats.

MANY other couples are also getting creative with their wedding themes.

Mr Henry Han, 36, and Mrs Eileen Han, 32, hosted a Liverpool-themed wedding on Feb 25 and even went to the English city for their honeymoon.

Shortly after their wedding, Mrs Han uploaded a video of their first march on YouTube, hoping that the Liverpool football club would "feel the love of the club from the fans in Singapore".

The clip was so successful that it was featured on several international sites including The Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

More Meaningful

Mr Han told reporters: "All we wanted was to make our wedding less formal and more meaningful.

"But it's good it also showed how strong the support in Singapore is."

Another soccer-crazy couple is Mr Kevin Tan and his wife Agnes Ng, both 29, who got married on Oct 2, 2010.

They held their photoshoot at the Stadium MRT station on Jun 10 that year, with Mr Tan aptly dressed in a football jersey.

To stand out, some couples are even opting to destroy their bridal outfits during their photoshoots.

Ms Rosilah Wati's white-sequined wedding gown was completely drenched in Pepsi, chocolate sauce and whipped cream - poured on her by husband Muhamad Harun, 28 as their three wedding photographers clicked away in June 2010.

Ms Rosilah, 27, an administrative assistant, paid $1,499 to bridal boutique Merah Jambu to have her dress trashed as part of a wedding photography concept called Trash The Dress.

In a trend that rebels against the cliched lovey-dovey style of wedding photography, brides destroy their gowns for a photoshoot by pouring chocolate, mud, or paint over them and, in extreme cases, even setting the dresses on fire.

In other weddings, even animals have become a part of weddings, as couples find more ways to surprise their friends and family.

Take teachers Chia Song Yuan, 35, and Neo Chia Ying, 31, who rode on an elephant while dressed in safari shirts and shorts for their wedding at the Singapore Zoo in 2006.

Mr Chia, 29, told The Straits Times: "Our families complained about the distance and the smell initially.

"But when we arrived on the elephant, everyone just went 'wah'."

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