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Sun, Nov 07, 2010
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Taiwan actress Barbie Hsu gets engaged

Taiwan actress Barbie Hsu has gotten engaged to Wang Xiaofei, the son of a wealthy Chinese businesswoman. The announcement came on Friday by way of Wang's micro-blogging account.

"Everyone stop guessing. We (Hsu and himself) are engaged. It is not sudden and [we were] very calm.

"We simply met the right person at the right time. We just want to have a very happy, comfortable life. I will continue to work on my career. She can return to quiet family life," wrote Wang about their whirlwind engagement.

"It is very hard for feelings to be wrong, only suitable or unsuitable. Can you please give some space and your blessing to us two youngsters?"

The actress had earlier said that she would hold a press conference to clarify the issue within the next few days but Wang apparently couldn't wait.

Hsu, 34, had only just met Wang who is five years her junior at actress Ady An's birthday bash in Beijing earlier this month.

Speculations about their relationship started circulating when they began posting messages on each other's micro-blogging account.

Along with that came rumours that Wang had left his ex-girlfriend, actress Kitty Zhang, to be with Hsu, which Wang later refuted in his micro-blog.

"I thank everyone for their concern, but these guesses are a little outrageous. The two of us met at Ady An's [birthday bash in October], got along very well and wanted to get married," he wrote on Sunday.

He also denied rumours that his relationship with Hsu was just to create buzz for his family's restaurant chain, which will soon enter the Taiwan market.

These two posts were later deleted.

Meanwhile, Hsu, also known popularly as "Big S", has been called a 'gold-digger' by observers who claimed that she was marrying Wang for his money.

But Hsu's future mother-in-law, wealthy businesswoman Zhang Lan, is standing by Hsu. She described Hsu as "quiet" and "virtuous" in an interview on Sunday, revealing that Hsu even bought her an expensive Hermes bag as a gift.

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