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Fri, Oct 22, 2010
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The strangest divorce reasons you'll ever hear

We all heard of the divorce that happened because the husband fell in love with the domestic helper. Here are some other reasons that partners have come up with to leave their other halves, which we aren't so sure about.

1) A woman wanted to leave her husband because he was eating too much. She claimed that he was committing a crime by satisfying his ravenous hunger, and she did not want to be his accomplice.

2) A man wanted to ditch his wife as he claimed he was allergic to her sweat. Subsequent tests showed his claims to be unfounded.

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3) A man in Saudi Arabia wanted to leave his wife immediately after their wedding ceremony, because his newly-minted brother-in-law had taken a photograph of the couple together. The reason for his objection was not clear.

4) A Saudi Arabian woman filed for divorce after her new husband left her at an airport because she'd been on the toilet for too long. The couple were returning from their honeymoon in Malaysia when he returned home from Kuala Lumpur airport because she had been in the bathroom for too long. I'm not sure how long constitutes too long and an acceptable reason to leave without her.

5) A couple in Tainan, Taiwan, were granted a divorce because the wife refused to consummate their marriage even one year after they said their vows. She had slept fully dressed on their wedding night, and brushed her husband away when he tried to sleep with her. Although the couple later came up with an agreement where the wife will consummate the marriage for the purpose of having children, she failed to do even that.

6) A Chinese woman decided to divorce her husband because their pet mynah spilled the beans on his affairs. Xinmin Evening News reported that the bird had picked up words such as "divorce", "I love you" and "be patient" from her husband's secret telephone calls to his lover, after returning from a month-long visit to her parents.

7) A German woman left her husband because she could not tolerate his cleaning habits. The couple who were married for 15 years broke up, as the wife had enough of her husband's penchant for tidying, doing household chores and rearranging the furniture. The final straw came when he decided to knock down a wall in the home and rebuild it because it was dirty.

8) A Chinese couple in Shanglin County divorced after 10 years of marriage, because the husband found out his wife's true age. She was 30 when he proposed, but had told him she was just 24. The divorce was finalised in 2007.

9) A wife divorced her husband in 2008 for running across China to support the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Wang Yue Ting of Chuzhou City, Anhui province sold his apartment to fund a six-man support team and van.

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