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Thu, Oct 07, 2010
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My love life isn't traumatic, says Rainie
by Christina Ng

BEING mistreated by a former boyfriend might be painful, but the experience landed Taiwanese artist Rainie Yang the lead role in upcoming horror movie The Child's Eye.

Directors Oxide and Danny Pang recently told the media that Yang, 26, was picked for the role "because of her difficult love life".

In a phone interview with my paper, Yang said: "They must have been kidding. My love life is just like everyone else's."

Yet her love life hasn't always been rosy. Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu, 28, who she met on the set of idol drama The Original Scent Of Summer in 2003, was rumoured to have broken up with her suddenly.

He reportedly also refused to take her phone calls.

Yang asserts that the Pangs must have read such reports, and "scripted that into my character in the movie".

Yang, who broke into the scene at age 16 as a member of the now-defunct girl group 4 In Love and shot to fame with idol drama Devil Beside You (2005), added that she is currently single.

The Child's Eye is a 3-D horror flick which sees Yang playing Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue's girlfriend.

In the movie, they vacation in Thailand, staying at an old and shabby hotel where strange things happen.

The movie opens in Singapore cinemas on Oct 14.

Yang, who has been friends with Yue for years but who hasn't met up with him for some time, said that "even though I haven't seen Yue for years, our chemistry is still good".

She will next be in Singapore on Oct 16 in support of her album, Rain Love. She will play a show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

She attended the 67th Venice Film Festival last month with the Pang brothers and co-actress Elaine Kwong.

Yang, who has previously starred in two movies - Merry Go Round (2001) and Spider Lilies (2007) - said that in Venice she met her role model, Maggie Cheung.

She explained that Cheung started out playing cutie-pie roles in movies but went on to star in diverse roles, which earned her her movie-star status today.

Yang, who is also renowned for her girly image, which she is trying to shed, added: "I'd like to try a wide range of roles...too. I'd love to star in gongfu or historical movies."

The Child's Eye opens next Thursday. For more information on Rainie Yang's concert, visit Sistic (


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