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Sun, Sep 26, 2010
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Still in love with an old flame
by Emily Marcelo

My boyfriend and I broke up because he got his best friend pregnant. It’s hard for me to accept it because we still love each other. He is my first true love and we thought we will last forever. The hardest part is, even if we broke up, he still tells me it is I he’s in love with and the woman he wants to grow old with. He said the only reason he sticks with this girl is so she won’t be kicked out of her work.

What should we do? Do I have to fight for him or let him go? It’s difficult for me to forget him because we work in the same place. -Petz


Be realistic! He got this girl pregnant because she meant more to him than you. Why else will he be giving you this “bs” that he can’t give her up because he has to save her from losing her job?

Really? Your wonderful boyfriend is taking you for a fool. Prove to him that you’re no dummy and in fact did your research. Dump on him the whole caboodle of The Magna Carta of Women (MCW) RA No. 9710 which took effect in August 2010. It includes the establishment of Violence Against Women (VAW) which “strengthened government commitment to overcome gender inequalities.” One of its provisions states that “Pregnancy is not a a valid ground for termination of employment or refusal to enroll in school.” Period. Anymore questions?

If he wants to take you for a ride, you suggest that he takes you to Disneyland or somewhere nearer, like the MRT. That’s less insulting to the intelligence. With the overwhelming access to information, how could he think you wouldn’t be able to discover his fib? He wants to have his cake and eat it too, as they say. You’re a willing victim he can twirl round his dirty finger, so why not embellish a lie?

There are so many wonderful, loyal and honorable young men out there who are looking for women like them. Flush this creep down someplace where he truly belongs and forget this “forever” hogwash you thought was going to happen with him.

You don’t plan a future with someone who cannot keep his pants up, this early.

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